There is nothing like setting the scene with a killer musical score that captures the ambience and tone you want your players to feel. Combined with a strong narrative it can bring Players to cheer, to rage, or to tears.

Like musical scores built for movies like The Lord of the Rings or serials like Game of Thrones, we employ Hollywood level composers to ensure what you and your players listen to is nothing but epic. However, unlike those scores which are built for the silver screen and can actually distract players because they are a constant reminders of the source material, BattleBards audio is built specifically for the tabletop and will ground players into your world.

When your players begin to confuse your NPC voice acting for the character it represents it's time to think about giving some voice to those unsung heroes. The various merchants, inn keepers, eating halls, blacksmiths, and others in your world all deserve unique voices that add variation and humor to the standard drudgery of village life PCs frequent one too many times.

Racial Languages add authenticity to any encounter. When an evil sorcerer chants the incantation for an ancient spell in Draconic your players should know it's time to prepare for the worst. Take in the fearsome voice of an Orc Leader boasting during a celebratory feast. Using racial languages ensures moments journeying in foreign lands will stand out.

From Dungeons to Forests to Mountains, and even Ocean Voyages, BattleBards has your environmental settings covered.

Can your players truly feel that spine tingling chills of entering a dark, dank, and danger-filled dungeon of doom? If you can get past the alliteration filled description and want to bring your players into a setting that they will be spending time in, soundscapes are the perfect choice.

Monsterscapes are so much more than basic Monster Grunts and Growls. These are truly Soundscapes FOR Monsters.

Introduce your players to what they're getting themselves into. Observe in horror as a Common Giant causes havoc to a local village or spying in on the Goblin Warrens. As the players tackle combat keep the Monsterscapes playing to add true ambiance to the battles and make them really feel that chest hair singe to the fire breath of a raging Red Dragon

Enhance the sounds of weapon strikes, spells, traps, screams, footsteps, blocks, and more. Distinctly, Destructive, Heavenly, and most of all, Visceral! These effects aren't for video games. They're built for your campaigns!

Main conrainer


Seasoned gamers know that scrambling for the right audio file is death at the gaming table; it's completely unacceptable. The Battlebards Soundboard brings audio closer to the GM than ever before.

The soundboard seamlessly integrates audio at the gaming table. Organize it however you like with our audio and with your own personal audio collection (*unlockable feature). Create Playlists for your next epic scene or even for frequently used sounds.


Create your own dramatic audio scenes that'll leave your players jaws on the floor. Control the layering, cropping, and timing of various tracks together to create a seamless masterpiece.

Imagine an apocalyptic mix that starts off with the drum beat of a rampaging orc army towards the castle. The roars are heard at a distance but they get louder as the seconds progress. Then a barrage of fireballs are cast from behind them. Maybe you select 5 fireballs, or maybe 15? As the fireballs impact the castle with a gigantic BOOM, you hear the castle walls crumbling to the ground below. What will your players do?

This is the power of the Mixer. Create, edit, share, stream, and download your creations.


BattleBards Tools may be Browser-Based but it can also be used without a net connection! We're building functionality so that you can sync audio to your local system and even giving you the ability to load tracks directly into the Soundboard without having to upload them.

*Features coming in Spring 2017






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